About Cord x Clay


We are two sisters who live in different countries, but have always loved creating together. When we were young girls growing up in Singapore, we spent many a wonderful afternoon squatting in the balcony at the back of our apartment, arms covered in warm gooey starch, constructing yet another papier mache “art object” to add to our growing collection. A collection which included a friendly Frankenstein head, a bowl with legs which looked like a freestanding pair of jeans, and a picture frame which looked like a window dressed with granny curtains.

Two decades later, we have both moved on significantly from those dubious, starchy beginnings, but the compulsive and exuberant making has not stopped. Cord x Clay is our collaborative art project, born out of our soul-deep need to create, together. Evelyn makes her pottery in Portland, Oregon, and Elisa’s fiber art and jewelry is handmade in Singapore. Our pieces are modern, warm, and a little bit playful.